12 Week Fat Stripping, Muscle Building Online PT Gym Plan!

Delta Charlie Fitness’ 12 week Online PT Gym Plan-Shred and Tone

If you’ve been aching to get back in the gym since Covid went and ruined everything, you’ve come to the right place for that kick start!

Or have you spent the last 3 or 4 months getting well and truly furloughed?

I’m a 5 star rated personal trainer and my latest package open for the first 20 people to sign up, is a 12 week plan to strip fat and pack on muscle! This package is for gym users only!

What you get:

*12 week training plan and nutritional planning and advice

* Full 24/7 support via whatsapp, youtube, text, my app and Facebook group (if you’re not on FB, no problem)

*Bespoke workouts in the gym with alternative exercises available if required

*Regular goal setting and changes as required

*App to track progress and log food and workouts that will be continually monitored by me, an actual personal trainer!

How it works:

I take your sign up info and calculate what food you should eat. You don’t have to eat the exact item I advise but you must hit the levels I set for calories, carbs, fats and protein.

I then plan the workout that will pack on muscle and strip fat! It won’t be tonnes of cardio and hours spent on the treadmill… it will be lots of resistance training and high intensity stuff and you’ll be expected to train in the gym 4 times per week.

Everything will come from my app, straight into your pocket! If you are unsure on exercises, there are videos to follow. This is not an off the shelf product, it’s created by me, an actual personal trainer who is qualified and insured. This is why I can only have 20 people at a time, so I can support each person enough. When you eat something, log it on my app and you’ll know what you have left. My app will give you the workout schedule and when you’re in the gym, you follow what I advise-it’s that simple.


This 12 week bespoke Personal training gym plan will cost, £249. That’s all the nutritional info and guidance along with 4 workouts per week! That equates to each personal training session being less than £5.20! It’s like 1:1 PT but I’m in your pocket and not in your face!

What next?

Complete the form by following the link below. Nothing to pay today, you’ll be invoiced 1 week before the commencement. (this date is to be agreed once government allow gyms to re-open)

Once signed up, I’ll confirm receipt and your place in the plan. I will also advise if I can’t process application and if you miss the cut off.

I’ll add you to the support groups as required and you’ll await further advice instruction via email.

Message me here for more info and advice if required:


online pt gym plan