Doing Ab workouts will not get you a six pack….

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Have you ever tried to turn your arm into a leg? Or turn your foot into a hand? It’s impossible….. However, many people try to do this very same thing with their abs…

So many people want to get a toned tummy and the first thing they turn to is crunches, sit-up and V-sits! These really are exercises to set the abs alight for sure. Unless you have a flat ab region already, these will not get you abs. Now, I’m not saying don’t do these exercises as they will still stimulate muscles for sure but 10 minutes twice per week is plenty for most.

If you have a layer of fat covering your abs, doing ab workouts will not remove this fat. It will certainly not turn the fat to muscle, this is impossible… very much like the foot to hand scenario.

What you need to do is burn that layer of fat away to expose the abs. A calorie deficit is all you need… eat right and exercise! Ab workouts in general are not great calorie burning sessions unless they are mixed with HIIT or other compound movements. You will burn more calories doing squats than you will doing sit ups and therefore these would give you more chance of gaining that six pack.

Remember, everybody has a six pack… it’s the way the human body is made… to expose it you need to remove that layer of fat covering it. You can’t choose where your body will synthesis fat from for energy either!

So in short, if you want visible abs, stop the sit ups and get moving more than one muscle group at the same time to burn as many calories as possible!