Very Basics of Fat Loss

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The basics of losing fat!

I meet many people in my line of work and many people hire my services for the same thing. To lose weight… They say weight, they mean fat! Muscle heavier than fat and blah blah blah blah, that’s for a different post completely.

Ok, this post is titled the basics so I’ll explain this scientific phenomenon in its simplest form. So here we go…

“To lose excess fat you no longer wish to carry around, you must burn more calories in energy that you have consumed in food”.

Is that basic and to the point enough? What about this?

“What you eat, use as fuel to power your body through its day and then some more” For example, If you need to eat 2500 calories per day to stay the same weight you are now (average 5’10 male weighing 90KG deemed as overweight, not accounting muscle mass – again, different post) and you eat 3000 calories in a day, you must move enough to burn 3500 calories. This would give you a 500 calorie deficit. Make sense?

In a nutshell, Eat less and move more! There is no other science to it than this! OK, you need to know how much you need for your own requirements but that’s it. You’ll also need to know how much is in your food, everything you buy tells us this. You can find more info out on the NHS website for free or you can contact me to discuss things further.

You’ll notice above I only mention moving to gain a calorie deficit. I make no mention of HIIT, weights or running etc. That’s because to lose fat you don’t need to do this. Yes, exercise has its other benefits such as improvement of CV system, increase range of movement, improve quality of life, counteract ageing, increase metabolism, burn more calories at rest and the list is endless-again, for a different post. But all you need to do is move! Moving quicker like running will burn more and doing resistance work with weights will strip fat amazingly well. The more you move and exercise the more you can eat! But as long as you have a calorie deficit, that’s all you need!