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David Cumberland is a qualified, experienced and insured personal trainer in Plymouth.

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Telephone: 07368 525366

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  1. Client must be on time. Time will be agreed before session and if client is late, it will not always be possible to make up lost time and this will be at the discretion of DCFW.
  2. When DCFW is meeting you at a place of your choice, he will contact 15 minutes before arrival via text, FB or the App to confirm.
  3. If client has agreed in writing or email to a package or price of sessions this is the agreed rate. DCFW reserves the right to increase the cost of sessions at any time but not to a package.
  4. Sessions are to be paid for immediately afterwards unless agreement in place or at the discretion of DCFW
  5. Packages are to be paid for before the first session commences
  6. If a plan or package is bought at a discounted rate and over a set period of time, 12 weeks for example, then this is the timeline. If you miss a session due to illness, weather or any other matter this is at clients loss and will not be added on at the end.
  7. If client is paying session by session, this is booked on a 2 weekly basis. If a client cannot make the session booked, it’s at the discretion of DCFW whether this session is paid for.
  8. If client agrees to have ‘X’ amount of sessions per week and then does not have these in a 7 day period, they will pay the non-discounted rate per session as per my prices page. Same applies if a change in training pattern occurs.
  9. DCFW will often take photos during sessions. If client does not wish these to be shared on social media they are to advise at the earliest opportunity.
  10. Any discounted referral sessions are only available after the referred client has had 2 sessions with DCFW

DC Personal Trainer Plymouth. Full Business name and trading name is Delta Charlie Fitness and Wellbeing.

DC Personal Trainer Plymouth