Is Dave Destroying the Boot Camp Family for His Own Gains?

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Published 3rd April 2019

So, today’s post on the boot camp group got over 1oo comments… I’ve never had this on a Facebook post before so at least I achieved something. Firstly, I will explain the reasons for me overhauling the pricing structure completely. Then I will tell you why you’ll benefit from this new plan and why you’d be absolutely crazy for bailing!

Ok, so why? It’s not all about me! I know right? It’s normally always about me but not this time… I recently increased the price to cover new increases my end and to still make a profit. However, this increase did attract some members to state it was becoming un-affordable at this cost. I need to make a profit to keep this business viable but I also need my members to get results too, so how do I do this? My business is built on you getting results and if you don’t get results I don’t have a business. It’s the same as how any business operates, if Tesco can’t provide you with the milk they offer at the price they offer, they have no business. When I started the boot camps around 18 months ago I had aspirations to be the next Joe Wicks. He started in a park in London doing the exact same thing as I. He charged £5 per session though where I was only charging £2.50… During the early days I made a few quid profit which was the building blocks of where I am today. Then when I took on the hall at Lipson, I made a loss for the first 5 months! I plugged away and kept at it until things turned for the better. So how do I make a profit now when I’m told it’s costing too much yet still get you results?

Reduce costs for the majority yet give more seems like a good idea! Operate the Boot camps like I do my PT. Ensure members attend at least 2 sessions per week as this will give almost guaranteed results with other training. Everyone on the Shred plan has made huge differences when training 3 times per week and I want all to have this. I’m so confident in my proven methods that if everyone attended 2 or 3 times they would hugely increase fitness levels, tone up and strip fat-this is around 95% of the group with these goals. 1 session per week with 1 or 2 half-hearted runs will not achieve these results. It will give the few that can’t afford 3 sessions per week to now achieve this and make some real progress on their journey. With the new membership plan, I can forecast an income for my business and everyone can get better results,  what’s not to like?

People who only train once per week will not like this… it means their sessions cost more-unless they can do the workouts I’ll provide for them at home? (I’ll talk more on this later on in the post). Me being frank time… if you only come to this session once and this is your only workout in the week, it’s pretty pointless anyway and you’re already wasting money. If this one session is part of your weekly routine already and it has paid off adding to it, then I’m sorry…

So, what are the benefits of becoming a member? What makes us different?

  1. A cost cheaper than most gyms out there. The gym group and Puregym do offer classes for £16.99 per month. Worth a try? Remember I have no joining fee though. Puregym is currently £19.99
  2. A cost cheaper than most Boot camp Classes. Most other providers are membership only too and most are £10 more than me.
  3. You’ll save money if you train twice per week with better results-just read my reviews from other members on different packages
  4. A Facebook community which is bloody brilliant. Ask a question from Diarrhoea to fitness and if it’s not answered by me it will be answered by another member. This is one of the best support and encouragement groups I have ever been a part of. There is a place for everyone here
  5. Workouts planned to do at home or on holiday based on interval training. Something I do for so many already. This is perfect if you’re a member and you can only attend 1 session per week… guess what?? I’ll give you a session to do at home. My online PT, like Joe Wicks is £39 Per month-you’re going to get home workouts planned as part of the membership.
  6. A running club that is free for all members. Comes with advice, tips, hints and anything else you may need. Not to mention an organised group run on a Sunday morning at no extra cost!
  7. You’ll save money if you train twice per week with better results
  8. Injury advice and alternative workouts if required to ensure you still get something from each session
  9. Goal setting advice on training if required. Some people train at the sessions not just to lose weight and need to get to certain levels of fitness ie military or PB’s on runs.
  10. Did I say you’ll save money and get better results if training twice per week??
  11. The choice of 5 different sessions per week

I’ve had lots of supportive messages today and I feel many of you could add to this list. I’m gutted that some may leave I really am but I need to find a middle ground for this and the time is now. It will operate like a gym membership and if you’re sick-you’re out of luck! However, if a training day falls on a bank holiday, or a day a centre is closed, the following months costs will be reduced to reflect this. More will come out soon about T&C’s though.

To summarise, if you train more than twice per week now, you’ll save money over a 12 month period of around £35-40. If you train once per week you will lose out financially compared to costs now. However, with all the benefits mentioned above, you’ll have workouts to do at home to compliment your sessions.