Delta Charlie Running Club

Welcome to the Delta Charlie Running Club, Plymouth

AKA Team Delta Charlie Boot Camps!

running club plymouth

We are a relatively new running team, founded in 2018 by myself, David Cumberland of Delta Charlie Fitness, who was the official Running Coach for Radio Plymouth running team 2019. I’m an accomplished running coach and the team came about from brief conversations during boot camp sessions and on the group social media pages. Before I knew it, the boot camp sessions went from fitness improvement sessions to 10K prep! The Team in the 2018 10K was made up of 11 runners which will at least double in size for the next race.

Many runners in the group had never ran before, let alone a 10K. So I started using my skills and expertise to structure the classes to benefit runners. The classes were still designed to strip fat and improve fitness but also push the cardiovascular system to improve running ability for non-runners and help improve personal bests of the conditioned runners in the group. The classes still have attendees who have no interest in running so the balance has to be just right.

We train hard! Very hard! We are a hardcore bunch that put our interval and sprint training first. The group sessions are boot camp style PT and push even the fittest of the fittest hard. We regularly have a serving Royal Marine train with us (spouse of one of the members) and he left a review about how much of a beasting it is! This High intensity training and prioritising this aspect of training over long runs, has been proving extremely effective. We have a few members who run with other clubs and since starting with DC, they have shaved minutes from personal bests! The long runs are done on Sundays and are a little more relaxed with varying distances. Although the sessions are tough work, they are suitable for all fitness levels. The structure of the class allows attendees to push to their own limits and that’s what they are about, giving 100%. No session is half hearted and as long as 100% effort is given, anyone is welcome!

running club plymouth

When do we train?

There are 6 Boot camp classes per week and to be in the team you must attend at least 2 per week. The boot camp classes are designed to push Heart rate zones enabling you to run further and faster for longer. They are also full body workouts so you’ll condition core, chest, back, legs and arms. The group run is held on a Sunday morning and will take place at a venue announced on Facebook-always in Plymouth with ample parking.


As per my boot camp page, sessions are on a membership basis for £33PCM. Team clothing is available to purchase from £13 for a vest and if you enter a race as part of our team, it’s requested you wear team clothing.

Team Achievements:

Britain’s Ocean City 10K  2018 Team Corporate Challenge, 8th out of 30 teams. In 2019 we had 20 runners running the 10k and the 5k made up of adults and children.

Tamar 10K  20 team runners ran and we were one of the largest teams there. 1 runner ran in 40:19, finishing in top 20. At least 8 runners achieved 10K PB’s

Plymouth 1/2 15 Runners ran and every runner smashed personal bests. One runner shaved 20 minutes from PB and we had one runner do the half in 1:36

Torbay 1/2 8 runners traveled to Torquay to enjoy a beautiful scenic race

Next races:

Plymouth 1/2. May 2020

Britain’s Ocean City 10K Oct 2020

Torbay 1/2 June 2020

running club plymouth