Drake U13 Girls Home/Holiday Workout

As promised, a workout to continue on with the 3 weeks of hard work already put in. Research has recently found that missing one week of intense exercise can actually put you back 2 weeks… and 2 weeks= 4 weeks… etc etc…

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will improve fitness levels dramatically and is especially effective for footballers. The entire game of football is HIIT! Slow jogging-sudden burst… standing still-slow jog-quick turn then fast burst… You don’t need fancy gym equipment or acres of room to get fit and this is how I deliver sessions to school children. The workout planned below is based on this theory! It’s all about a burst of energy to get the Heart Rate up followed by active recovery to get the Heart Rate down and repeat. The more often this is done the fitter you get… in a nutshell!

So, the girls that have already attended the sessions will know all the exercises and Mum, dad, gran, brother, sister and whoever can join in. If you’re unsure of an exercise, google it and it will be found easily. Timing is key so keep the times in mind. It’s about giving 100% effort so you perform better next time, if an exercise can’t be completed then rest and go when ready but follow the timing pattern still!

Go through the list, do one exercise for 30 seconds, take 20 seconds rest and then move to the next exercise. After going through the list, rest for 1 minute, take on some fluids and repeat. Repeat the circuit 3 or 4 times depending how you’re feeling! It’s super basic but effective!


Star jumps*


High knees running*


Star Jumps*

Press ups (done on knees if not full)

Mountain climbers*


Burpees!! *

At the very end after the list has been repeated 3 times…. go again for your best effort of 1 minute of burpees! I hope to continue this going forward and it is a fitness test! All the exercises marked with ‘*’ are the Pulse raisers and are easily replaced. Replace with a length of the pool on holiday or a skipping rope etc. The rest are basic Strength building exercises and these are what have made the girls sore… but with soreness will come strength and conditioning…

After the summer hols I hope to be training with the girls again… Ryan and I will discuss…..