gamergirl to 5k

Gamer girl to 5K

So, Britain’s ocean city 5k advertised the run for October last month and I noticed it was open from ages 11+. This gave me the wonderful idea of signing my daughter up for her first race. She is an active little girl who loves to dance. However, she also loves the Xbox/fortnite/tablet/phone a little too much for my liking.

So, signed her up, new trainers sorted and start the training! I had to see how far she could go and what she was already capable of like I would any new client. Like any race training plan, we started in the gym. To be effective at pounding the tarmac, you don’t need to start out by pounding the tarmac, if you know what I mean? From never running to suddenly running will never be good for anyone. Our knees, ankles and hips are not designed to take a smashing like they do from running. Hence why running in general, is not that great for you! Anyway… that’s for a different post….

3 weeks after attending some boot camps, gym work and treadmill action, she was ready for the road. 1st run, 3.2KM in 22 mins and the 2nd run 4km in 26 mins. This is we are as of today and as she is already smashing 4km, my question is, how fast she will do the 5K in! We have so long left I am now thinking of changing the challenge from #gamergirlto5K to #gamergirlto5kinunder24mins.

The next 6 months are going to be tough for Lucie, but very rewarding. She will continue to do interval training twice per week to get her cardio fit and run on the road once per week. After 2 months or so I will add another run in to the mix.

So far this has been an enjoyable journey for both Lucie and I. Usually my time is spent with clients or taking Charlie to football on a Saturday. Now we get some very welcome Dad and daughter time. There has been the odd stitch at times and hills are not yet enjoyable. But like any runner, her eyes are on the prize! She is rewarded with a treat of her choice after each run and usually it’s a naked smoothie, so can’t complain with that!

I’ll let you know when she is doing 5k in sub 25!


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