Whether it be a boot camp in Plymouth, Gym work, outdoor Personal Training or group sessions, Delta Charlie Personal Trainer can help! I cover all aspects of training to help you reach your goals. 

delta charlie personal trainer Boot camps available from as little as £2.60 per session in my membership package. Boot camps can be trialled first before committing to a membership, further info can be found here.

Further packages and prices broken down as per below and for offers and discounts, follow me on Facebook.  

Firstly, all consultations are free and there is never any obligation to use my services! After the free consultation I will advise how I can help, and you can decide if I’m the person to help you change your life via exercise and nutritional plans. If you wish to have a taster PT session before committing to a plan, these are priced at £20 per session.

All PT plans and sessions will come with Diet analysis, nutritional advice, meal planning if required, guidance and monitoring via my app to your smart phone or tablet. I will also use the App to send you workouts to do when we are not together if required.


1:1 Personal Training Membership


You must commit to train with me for 2 sessions per week minimum. I will give you a 3rd/4th session to do at home, in the gym or where we decide as per you goals. In the last year, I have noticed a huge difference in the goals achieved between clients who train once per week and those who train twice per week with me and this is based on this. The fee is a contracted membership and there are terms attached to this, available here. Dates and times are booked in the diary 2 weeks minimum in advance. I will happily book times and days when available 3 months in advance or continuously until contract terminated.

  • 2 Sessions per week- £125 per month (£15.60 per session)
  • 3 Sessions per week- £175 per month (£14.60 per session)
  • 4 sessions per week- £220 per month (£13.75 per session)

No contract 1:1 personal training


You must commit to train with me for a 2 sessions per week minimum. I will give you a 3rd/4th session to do at home, in the gym or where we decide as per you goals. The fee does have terms attached available here and sessions will expire if not used as agreed. This package does have flexibility if agreed beforehand, such as clients who work away.

  • 10 sessions paid for in advance- £240. (£24 per session in a 5 week plan/commitment)

Sessions delivered in the Gym are delivered in my own private gym. My own gym was designed by me and will work for all aspects of training. Heavy weights, treadmill, ropes, boxing and much more. As I have my own gym, there will never be any additional membership to worry about and costs will be for PT only. Obviously, you still may need to join a gym for your other workouts if required.

Boot Camp Plymouth-All fitness levels welcome

Ultimate 6 week Shred Plymouth Boot Camp package

Session by Session Boot Camps

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Contact me for more info or visit here to learn more on timings and where sessions are held

Online Personal Training

Purely online delivered via an App to your smartphone or Tablet. Exercises and routines delivered with easy to follow videos and guidance. Full nutritional advice and meal plans and regular goal monitoring and plan reviews. 24/7 bespoke support from myself and not an automated service.

  • Online nutritional meal plans only with exact calorie and macro calculations with regular reviews and adjustments depending on goals and bespoke to you only £39 Per month
  • Full 12 week package. Exactly the same as my 12 week plans delivered 1:1, but online with the app. One off price of £99

I also offer businesses in the local area discounts for all staff to use, along with huge discounts for group sessions delivered. I have posters which can be displayed in the workplace offering discounted PT sessions as a company benefit. Contact me for further details. .

delta charlie personal trainer

 All qualifications held by me are YMCA awards and are of the highest standard. All high end gyms expect PT’s to be YMCA trained!