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£49 Intense Shred Plymouth!

Emma B

What can we say ?!?! As winners of the 6 week shred competition we were so excited to win something♥️. Mark hated me for a… Read more “Emma B”

Louise A

I completed the shred package and it was the best thing I did. I lost weight, toned up, improved my general fitness, gained confidence, made… Read more “Louise A”

Nick J

Joined Dave’s Boot Camp classes a few sessions ago, as part of a Plymouth radio promotion, and I can honestly say it’s one of the… Read more “Nick J”

Luke G

I completed the 6 week shred package. Safe to say it was one of the best decisions I made, I lost 11lbs and 7 inches.… Read more “Luke G”

Gary B

I’ve been going to bootcamp for almost a year now and my strength and fitness have improved significantly. Dave is a great fitness instructor who… Read more “Gary B”

With more 5* reviews on Facebook along with before and after pictures! 

shred plymouth

What is Shred Plymouth?

Shred Plymouth is a 6 week package designed to get you fit, lose fat and either kick start a journey or get you through a plateau you may be facing on your current journey. The outcomes will differ from client to client but you can expect to lose from 1 to 2 stone, shred body fat and shave from 2-6 inches*. Not to mention feeling fitter, stronger, lighter and much much leaner-and awesome! You'll weigh in and measure at the beginning and end to see exactly how well you've done.

So how will you achieve this?

  1. Shred Plymouth firstly only wants people who want this. You must be dedicated to the cause or the above won't be achievable. You must give 100% in training and 100% on your diet. I do not have time for excuses, nor do I care to hear about them. We are on a journey together from the start along with the other recruits on the plan.
  2. You will attend 2 group classes per week and a session completed at home or in the gym that I allocate you
  3. You will use my app that I give you to record everything that passes your lips and if you choose not to eat what I have advised you to, an alternative will be recorded with similar nutritional benefits.
  4. You will supplement your diet with Protein if you can't eat the levels I advise by natural food intake. (vegetarians will find it very hard to eat 40% of their daily food intake in Protein through food alone)
  5. You will need to eat breakfast! No excuses........

shred plymouth

What's the training?

Shred Plymouth sessions are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions delivered as group exercises. Members of the group will be clients already on this plan, class only members and clients who have different goals, runners for example who want sprint training.

What's HIIT?

HIIT is a mix of strength training/conditioning muscle building exercises and Cardio. It will be a complete mix of cardio delivered via running, kettlebells, jumping, dashing and ropes. The muscle building will come via body weight exercises and resistance work using bands, kettlebells and balls. To find out why HIIT is so effective, visit here or google to effectiveness of HIIT-don't take my word for it........

When and where will I train?

Sessions are delivered twice per week*.

Tuesday 1830, Boot Camp at Freedom Fields, Plymouth, PL4 8RJ.

Thursday 1830, Boot Camp at Peacock Meadow, Plympton

Sessions are outdoors. The outdoor sessions run rain or shine, we live in England and it rains here-suck it up!

shred plymouth

What's the diet like? Will I need to starve myself?

Upon joining Shred Plymouth you'll be put on a diet to match your needs. It will be bespoke for you using your current body measurements, sex and age. You'll be required to eat a set amount of calories a day but it won't starve you. The joys of intense training will mean you can eat that bit extra and still shred fat! Your diet will be made up of carbs (pasta, porridge and rice), fats and protein. Don't worry about the figures, the app I give you will worry about this for you-you eat what I advise or an alternative choice and it will tell you what you have left. Simples!

Who's it for?

Males and females aged 14-55 can join this plan. However, they are sometimes ran at different times so please follow me on Facebook or check my current offers page to see which group of people I'm currently running this for.

So, what's the cost and breakdown for Shred Plymouth?

-For £49* you will get a 6 week Shred Plymouth Package!

-Full nutritional planning and guidance delivered by my app

- 2 group training sessions and 1/2/3 to do at home if desired* (1 minimum)

- 24/7 support from myself via text or the app

-Facebook group for my members to discuss goals, offer support, talk nutrition and share ideas and meal plans

If you're keen to know more, or you want to sign up for this awesome 5* package-please hit the button below! No payment taken until invoiced...

shred plymouth

shred plymouth


For my general T&C's and privacy policy, please visit this link. Upon signing up and paying for this plan, you agree to the terms, conditions and privacy policy.

*If you miss a session or can't make 2 per week, an alternative session will be provided to do at home or the gym if you're a member. If you can't make 2 per week from the start to finish, please let me know and we can arrange another deal at a different cost. No refunds for this plan will given under any circumstance. If something happens during the plan that means you can no longer continue, like an injury or illness for example, I may postpone and carry over to the next date. These will be assessed on a case by case basis and will not always be honoured. I will always honour any person serving in the military that has been deployed at late notice to have sessions postponed.