T&C’s and Privacy Policy

Please see below for my Privacy Policy and general Terms and conditions.

When undertaking any training with me, you are bound by these terms. Before any Personal training commences I would have asked that these are read and you will confirm this by signing the agreement.

Privacy Policy:

The below outlines how I (Delta Charlie Fitness and Wellbeing) will take clients (you/your) information and personal details, store them and what purposes they will be used for.

1.      Contact information including emails, phone numbers and social media details.

a.      I will take these details to allow me to contact you and communicate with you effectively. Once this information has been provided to me I will continue to use it until advised otherwise by you

b.      I will store your contact details at home on my laptop, ipad, phone and cloud

c.      It will not be used for any other purpose accept for the service you have enquired about or the service you subscribe to

d.      I will not distribute your contact details to any third party

e.      I will hold your contact information for 12 months after we cease to be in direct contact with one and other


2.      Medical and general fitness information including but not limited to, previous ailments, injuries, exercise routines, prescribed drugs, blood pressure, weight, height, fat percentage, body composition, measurements and etc.

a.      I will record these details to enable me to carryout my job effectively and may from time to time refer to them.

b.      I will store your details at home digitally on my laptop, ipad, phone and cloud. If paper Pre-Activity Readiness Questionaires (PAR-Q) have been completed these will be scanned and destroyed.

c.      I will not share this information with anyone accept in the event of an emergency or my insurance company in the event of a claim

d.      I will hold this information for 24 months after we cease to be in direct contact with one and other


3.      Photographs will be taken by myself or you during sessions and classes held in the gym, my studio or outdoors. See your rights below for further information on this.

a.      I will use my phone or Ipad to take pictures of you while exercising to use for progress monitoring.

b.      I will store your details at home digitally on my laptop, ipad, phone and cloud.

c.      I will from time to time post pictures on social media sites including Facebook and my website. On occasion I may ask if I can share a picture that I or you have taken. However, I will sometimes share pictures without obtaining your permission. 

d.      I will hold pictures on my own devices for 36 months. Facebook will store pictures as per their guidelines. I will never delete pictures from my own website of social media accounts unless advised by you.


4.      General communications, correspondence and exercise routines

a.      I record all workouts to carryout my job effectively and deliver you the service you need and have subscribed to

b.      I will store your details at home digitally on my laptop, ipad, phone and cloud.

c.      I will not share this information with anybody unless you request this

d.      This information will be stored for 24 months


Your rights, responsibilities and information about the above.

1.      Upon signing the PAR-Q and agreeing to personal training by me, you agree to all of the above terms.

2.      If you wish to see any information I hold on you including photographs, this can be requested at any time

3.      If you do not wish to have any pictures taken, stored or shared on websites or social media, you can advise me at any time. Refer to points 1 and 2 regarding pictures. If you wish for me to delete any picture or video please advise any time. It will always be assumed that you are happy for pictures to be taken and shared unless otherwise advised

Any requests for information can be made via email: david@dcfitwell.co.uk, Telephone: 07805202045 or mail: DC Fitness and Wellbeing, 9 Elwick gardens, Pl3 6LU.


General and contractual T&C’s for Personal Training 1:1/1:2/1:3

  1. Client must be on time. Time will be agreed before session and if client is late, it will not always be possible to make up lost time and this will be at the discretion of DCFW.
  2. If you arrive at the gym before your time, please wait outside or in your car. Client is not to disturb another session to advise of arrival. I will always come to meet you or message when session ready to start.
  3. DCFW has the right to increase prices of any packages and plans but will always give at least 1 months notice before doing so
  4. PT MEMBERSHIP TERMS: 1) Fee must be paid for in advance before any session commences. Payment will either be standing order, BACS or card which will need to be invoiced for. 2) This is a contractual membership and 1 month written/email termination notice must be given before sessions will be terminated. DCFW will not accept a cancellation via text, facebook or the app. A £100 administration fee will be added to any recovery proceedings that may be required. 3) This is a membership package like any other gym membership and if you miss a session for any reason whatsoever, no refund will be given. If DCFW cannot make a session due to illness, injury, religious holiday, planned holiday or any other agreed matter, the following month fee will be adjusted accordingly per cost of session as per price structure or next payment day changed-this will be agreed with client and DCFW. 4) Sessions will be booked a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. If you have any changes in personal circumstances such as work shift pattern you must advise DCFW as soon as possible. If your new times cannot be accommodated then the contract may be terminated. However, you will still be liable for 1 month notice.
  5. NO CONTRACT 1:1 PERSONAL TRAINING TERMS: 1) Fee must be paid for the 10 sessions prior to any PT and paid via cash or  BACS 2) You will be required to train twice per week minimum and the package will last for 5 weeks. This is only subject for flexibility after an agreement with DCFW. Flexibility will only be agreed before package starts and not all circumstances will be agreed. Clients who work overseas, military, police and other contract workers who need to move at short notice will usually be accommodated for. 3) No refunds will be made whatsoever.
  6. DCFW will often take photos during sessions. If client does not wish these to be shared on social media they are to advise at the earliest opportunity as per my privacy policy
  7. All clients will sign a declaration agreeing in full to these terms before any session will start

Boot Camp Membership T&C’s

  1. Fee is payable PCM via BACS transfer/standing order. Card or direct debit payment is not available. DC will advise after form is completed when payment is due. This date is the same each month to the nearest working day.
  2. To cancel membership, one months notice must be given. If notice is given during a current membership to cancel the next payment due will be charged to the end of the full week. For example, you normally pay on 3rd of each month and you choose to cancel on Tuesday the 16th. On the following 3rd of month you’ll owe an outstanding amount of 3 weeks payment which is charged at £7.62 per week, total outstanding of £22.86. Membership would be terminated on Friday 19th in this case. You may cancel at any time from when membership starts. Any monies owed will be passed to my debt recovery service provided by my bank and a £100 charge will be added if accounts are not settled in full.
  3. Runner membership for £15 is only available for 1 session per week and you must be an active member of another running. You can train twice per week, twice per month but the additional session will cost £4.50 and needs to be paid for online
  4. To bring a friend for £4.50, they can only attend 2 sessions in a 5 week period. Session must be paid for via the online payment system on website
  5. To bring a kid for £1, they must only attend 1 session per week for this to be available and the £1 is payable in cash on the day
  6. Referral discount-If you bring someone along to the sessions and they take up a membership yours and their membership will be reduced by a maximum of £5. You can bring up to 3 people along to reduce your membership to £20 total. 1st referral, £5, 2nd £5 and 3rd £3. Anyone referred must not have trained with the group for 3 months. If the join back up again at a later date they can not join back as your referral. If your referral cancels membership your membership will be increased for the following months payment.
  7. If a session is missed by you, no refunds will be given or extensions to membership offered. It will be at the discretion of DC to offer any extension/further discount due to injury. Not all cases of illness or injury will be honoured.
  8. If DC cancels a session due to extreme weather, no refunds will be given or extensions offered to membership. Extreme weather will be determined by risk assessment on the day and session could be cancelled at anytime including at the start time on that day.
  9. If DC cancels a single session due to illness or injury, the following months membership may be reduced at a rate calculated of training at an average of 3 times per week and a maximum of 3 times per week. Therefore, if one session is cancelled out of 8, the following month will be reduced by £2.53. If 2 sessions are cancelled £5.06 and 3 sessions £7.59. If 8 sessions are missed the reduction will still remain at £7.59. This rule does not apply to bank holiday’s. It’s up to the member to amend the following months payment. There will always be a workout on the app to be completed at home. This rule applies to all membership plans accept “Runners £15 plan” If a runner misses their usual training day (determined on an average most days trained on), they’ll receive a reduction of £3.46 in the following months membership.
  10. If DC has planned holiday (published online with 4 weeks notice) the following months membership will be reduced as per point 9. 1 Full week cancelled will result in a reduction of £7.59 for the following month. As per point 9, it’s the members responsibility to alter payment schedule.
  11. DC has the right to refuse membership to anyone at his own discretion and this includes terminating memberships
  12. DC can and may increase prices as long as 2 months notice is given but will only increase once in a 12 month period
  13. Venues may occasionally deny access to rooms or entire centre due to unforeseen or planned events. If a hall is closed, a session will be delivered at an alternate venue that could be outside or in and that may not be confirmed until the same day. No refunds or memberships reductions will be offered

Family C25K 2019 T&C’s

  1. All runners must be 11 years old+ on 6th October 2019. No refunds will be given for falsifying Dates of Birth and runner will be disqualified from the race if found to be under 11.
  2. Parents are responsible for all children under 16 during exercise and on race day. Parents will sign declarations to state they deem there is no reason why their child cannot partake in physical activity
  3. Run Plymouth are the event Organisers and DC has no affiliation with the race organisers. If the race is cancelled due to any reason, including adverse weather, the race could be cancelled. It is up to the organiser to refund entry fee and this is the only refund that may be offered to a maximum of £10 per person-No refunds will be given for the training or race tops. Visit the organisers website here for more info about the race
  4. If a person has to pull out of the race due to injury or illness, only refunds for that person may be given in extreme circumstances. DC reserves the right to refuse a refund and may roll over the package for the next race. All family members must be fully commited to the training and race.
  5. Upon signing up for the C25K package and making payment, you are commiting to the training sessions as per website. If you miss a class or group run, alternatives will be given for you to do at home and no refunds will be offered.
  6. DC offers no cooling off period. After receipt of payment and one session is attended then the contract is active and no refunds will be given. It’s up to runners to decide beforehand if they can achieve the training required to run 5K


2019 Holiday’s Planned when DC will not be delivering any sessions. Correct @ 1st May 2019

16th August to 1st September Inclusive

Christmas to be determined



DC Personal Trainer Plymouth. Full Business name and trading name is Delta Charlie Fitness and Wellbeing.