Carin L

I am not an exercise lover and often as the day goes by make excuses as to why I cant go to a class or the gym after work or later on in the evening. The boot camp classes early in the morning are really good for me as I just set my alarm and get up and go and its exercise out of the way before the day even begins. Its lovely to exercise in such a nice park early on when its quiet and Dave gives us just the right amount of individual challenge and encouragement. He is really knowledgeable about how to be healthy and always has useful pointers to give us when asked – he is not patronising or preachy as I have found other trainers. I feel so much fitter and capable now and never thought I would ever say that I look forward to getting up at 6am to exercise in the park but I love the feeling it gives me for the rest of the day. Fair play Dave 🙂